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Nicola Sturgeon Proving Herself to be the One to Beat During UK Election Campaign

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are a major topic of discussion among all parties in the weeks before the election, with it becoming increasingly likely that they will hold the balance of power in Westminster. While Labour is still trying … Continue reading

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Chinese Aggression in South China Sea Steps Up as Military Airstrip Rises Above the Waves

Amid China’s attempts to claim the entirety of the South China Sea, the construction of an airstrip suitable for military purposes is now clearly visible on one of the disputed islands. The runway is on Fiery Cross Reef, part of the … Continue reading

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Russia is Providing Iran With the Means to Defend Itself, Enraging Israel’s Netanyahu

Russia has recently agreed to ship S-300 missile defence systems to Iran, in an $800 million dollar deal that has been postponed since 2009 due to soon-to-be-lifted sanctions, and reactions are unsurprisingly mixed. The delivery of the system, meant to be … Continue reading

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US Senators Have Got Exactly What They Wanted with Iran Deal: a Pathway to War

The White House has agreed to a compromise over demands that the Republican-run Congress have a say in ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran. Under the new bill pushed by Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, Congress will be allowed to review the … Continue reading

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Putin’s Opponents Joining Forces to Stand Against Growing Aggression

A number of political parties in Russia have joined forces while encouraging more to do the same, with the only common ground between them being an adamant opposition to President Vladimir Putin. The Republican Party of Russia, founded by the … Continue reading

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Feminist Five Out of Prison, But China’s War on Dissent Ever-Growing

The female activists arrested last month for organizing peaceful protests against sexual harassment, now widely known as the Feminist Five, have finally been released this week, though their legal troubles are far from over. The women-Wei Tingting, Li Tingting, Zheng … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo Editor Speaks Out Posthumously Against Racism in the Media

A book on Islamophobia was published this week, written by Charlie Hebdo editor Stéphane Charbonnier, one of the people killed at the magazine’s Paris office in January’s terror attacks. Charbonnier, popularly known as Charb, completed the book Lettre Ouverte aux … Continue reading

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