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Massacre in Turkey Leads to Further Criticisms of the Government’s Failure to Act

Turkey is planning to increase its border security in the wake of the the latest Islamic State attack which killed 32 and wounded 100 mostly young people in the southern, largely Kurdish town of Suruç. The suicide attack happened on Monday … Continue reading

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Greeks Set to Suffer for Years to Come, as the Rest of Europe Claims a Job Well Done

Banks in Greece have reopened following three weeks of closure, albeit with withdrawal limits still imposed, all while harsh austerity measures begin to take effect in the country. Sales taxes have now nearly doubled, while the products and services they’re … Continue reading

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The United States and Cuba Have Restored Ties, but Cubans Still Have Reason to be Wary

After over fifty years of tensions between the two countries, the United States and Cuba have officially restored diplomatic ties with one another. The Cuban flag was raised by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez at the newly restored embassy in Washington, … Continue reading

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Supposed Proxy War in Yemen Would Only Help Islamic State and Al Qaeda

Forty-eight people were killed and 182 injured in the Yemeni port city of Aden on Sunday, with Iran-backed Houthi fighters taking the blame. The Houthis are a group of Shia Muslims which are prominent in the north of Yemen, who captured … Continue reading

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Greeks Say No to More Austerity as Tsipras Prepares to Confront his Creditors

Greek bailout negotiations are once again underway after Alexis Tsipras reaffirmed that an overwhelming majority of his citizens support him. Greeks gave the rest of Europe a resounding “NO” on Sunday’s referendum, with 61% of people voting against the harsh austerity measures … Continue reading

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Nigeria Endures a Week of Terror Attacks as Boko Haram Takes Last Stand

Nigeria has been suffering tremendously from Boko Haram’s extremists, with over two hundred people being killed in the past week. 150 of the deaths were people killed in mosques, stormed by Boko Haram militants targeting Muslims praying during the holy … Continue reading

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Greek Referendum: Either Submitting to Blackmail or Maintaining Humanity

Greeks head to the polls on Sunday morning to have their say in a referendum that could put the nation on course to leave the Eurozone. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced the referendum a week ago following his government’s rejection … Continue reading

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