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Donald Trump’s Racist Rants are Hurting Business, yet Helping Campaign

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been facing criticism since the moment he declared his candidacy on  June 16th. Trump made the announcement to a crowd of supporters, all cheering the man who promised to pay them each $50 to … Continue reading

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Alexis Tsipras Calls For a Referendum on Austerity While Europe Feigns Surprise

Tensions are high among European leaders this weekend as Greece struggles to negotiate its bailout repayment. Greek debt is hovering at around €340 billion, with a payment of €1.6 billion scheduled for the IMF on June 30th.  Greek Finance Minister Yanis … Continue reading

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Fifty States Now Have Gay Marriage, Fifty GOP Candidates Now Have Temper Tantrums

After a long and often emotional fight lasting decades, gay marriage is now legal in all fifty of the United States of America. The decision was made by the US Supreme Court, which in a 5-4 vote declared unconstitutional the bans … Continue reading

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