Nigel Farage Improving Britons’ Lives by Isolating Them from the World

Nigel_FarageUKIP leader Nigel Farage released his “Believe in Britain” manifesto today, emphasizing a myriad of spending cuts while increasing funding to healthcare and defence.

It is no secret that UKIP is opposed to immigration, and Farage reiterated this sentiment as he once again called for a strict, Australian-style points system including a 50,000 cap on people moving to the country. This falls in line with the party’s stance earlier in the year, but completely contradicts what Farage said himself in March, indicating that there is still some debate among UKIP’s ranks over what their policies should be, and whether such a goal for immigration is even achievable.

The proposed cuts include the £9bn currently spent on foreign aid, a reduction in funding to the Scottish parliament, and the savings that would come from a break with the European Union, which Farage wants a referendum on “as soon as possible.” In exchange for these ‘savings,’ UKIP would give £12bn to the NHS in addition to cutting taxes on low-income earners, but would also increase defence spending, as well as hiring more border staff to keep those nasty foreigners away, including the “60% of the 7,000 people diagnosed with HIV every year in the UK” that Farage referenced during the live leaders’ debate.

What’s more troublesome about the above platform is the fact that some of the more radical parts may bear fruit if UKIP hold the balance of power on May 7th. Polls still show that neither Labour nor the Conservatives will win an outright majority, making the smaller parties perhaps the most important of all.

Meaning Nigel Farage is dangerously close to more power than he should ever have.

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Image: “Nigel Farage” by Dweller  CC BY-SA 3.0

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