Nicola Sturgeon Supports the Tories…Said No One Ever, Herself Included


Just days after ‘winning’ the only televised debate among the seven main party leaders, the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of supporting the Tories.

According to a Daily Telegraph report, during a meeting with French ambassador Sylvie Bermann, Sturgeon made clear her desire to see David Cameron serve another five years in Downing Street. The idea seems so absurd it couldn’t possibly be true, especially given the threats facing Scottish voters if the Conservatives have their way. It could be argued that it would bolster the SNP’s rhetoric over independence, though there is no proof of that mindset, and furthermore polls suggest that the Nationalists don’t need to resort to such tactics to get votes.

Sturgeon responded to the article immediately, calling it “categorically 100% untrue,” a stance which was echoed by French officials. Nonetheless, the idea was already in the air, and her opponents were just as quick to take advantage. Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy stated that the Telegraph article “exposes the uncomfortable truth behind the SNP’s General Election campaign,” and that “the SNP say one thing in public but another private.”

Meanwhile, English citizens have recently been wondering if they can vote for the Scottish Nationalists. They obviously can’t, but the fact that they’re asking is significant, indicating how dull and like-minded the three traditional parties have become in recent years. Sturgeon is the only one who stands out, despite her politics primarily dealing with Scotland. The closest the rest of the UK can get is to vote indirectly via Ed Miliband, the only possible prime minister likely to make a deal with the SNP.

Luckily for the Scots however, they can instead vote for their party directly.

Image: “Nicola Sturgeon 1” by The Scottish Government – OGL

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5 Responses to Nicola Sturgeon Supports the Tories…Said No One Ever, Herself Included

  1. says:

    Learn about the dirty tricks the westminster government deployed in Scotland the whole of Scotland is feed up with dirty tricks aimed at pro Indy party’s and people we are wide to it and it will only leD to more people voting for Nicola

    The above book shines a light on the fear and smear this Nicola wants the torts is crap and is similar to the Indy dirty tricks the people of Scotland are wide to it via social media and proved it was lies within 90 mins of being published Nicola has rock star status in Scotland and is more than a political leader to us !


    • Thanks for your comment. I agree that this “leak” is crap, and I admire how easily people figured it out. I doubt if the other leaders could handle a similar smear in the same way.


      • says:

        dont forget Scotland gets its new via alternative media and we had all the smearing at indyref so we are well wide to it Nicola has rock star status and within 90 mins of the article being online it was shown to be false what ed and David dont understand is social media vets things in minutes politics has changed forever girl power is about to rock Westminster to the core telling lies galvanizes Scotland against them ,no matter what they do she has thousands of fans as well as voters so its going to be hard for them almost impossible to taint her its a political phenomenon shes such a level head humble person but she was a lawyer so she can stand firm when it counts its going to be great the next few years politically watching the snp oppose anything bad for the poor and lame they will regret not giving Alex the key to Scotland lol

        happy Easter and god bless you and yours and thanks for replying to me !

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        • Happy Easter to you as well! Nicola is definitely proving to be a strong candidate, and I don’t question why her support has spread beyond Scotland. She may very well end up helping England and Wales indirectly by standing up for Scots. It will be a great next few years indeed.


          • says:

            yes for to long the English and welsh voters have been took for granted she will defend the health service and oppose privatization of parts of it also she will try and get a better deal for community’s its all good in Scotland she has support from all sections of the community’s its a amazing story and brightens up politics for us all another thing shes big on is womens rights in board rooms and across the whole employment market so this is great for me have a daughter just about to head to uni shes all about merit and not hows your father if you catch my drift lol


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