Ted Cruz First to Announce His Presidential Run


Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, has become the first to formally declare his intentions to run for the US presidency in 2016.

The announcement came early Monday morning in the form of a tweet and short video. “It’s a time for truth,” he said. “A time to rise to the challenge just as Americans have always done. It’s going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make America great again. And I’m ready to stand with you to lead the fight.”

Despite only being in elected office for two years, Cruz has gained swift popularity among Republicans. This is in large part due to his outspoken criticism of the Obama administration, which included a 21 hour filibuster speech against Obamacare. He is also an adamant climate change denier, publicly refuting claims by scientists that human activity is causing severe weather problems around the planet. And more recently, Cruz was one of 47 Republican Senators who signed the controversial letter to Iran in an attempt to undermine the president’s foreign policy.

But one topic of debate that isn’t really making headlines anymore is the fact that he was born in Canada, albeit to an American mother. This makes it constitutionally sound for him to run for president as a natural born citizen, but at the same time it highlights his party’s hypocrisy. The current president was born on American soil, but his Kenyan father was enough to promote Republican claims that he was ineligible to run.

But when it’s their own guy, full steam ahead!

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