l’Hyper Cacher Reopens in Defiance of Fundamentalists


l’Hyper Cacher is once again opening its doors to the public, two months after an Islamic State inspired attack left four hostages dead.

The Jewish supermarket was among several locations in Paris attacked in January, when seventeen people in total were killed by the terrorists. The bulk of the deaths were from the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which has been condemned by Muslim fundamentalists for its cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. Those responsible for the attacks were shot dead by police, but investigations on their accomplices are ongoing, with two being indicted on Friday.

So as the justice system does its job, things are returning to usual in the French capital. l’Hyper Cacher welcomed in a large crowd during its reopening Sunday, including Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve. “It is important to pay respect to the memory of those who fell under the fire of barbarity,” he said, saying that the French people are determined to live freely in their country.

Also present at the store were security personnel, as religious tensions are still very high in the country. And this division is exactly what Islamic State wants, as hatred ultimately breeds hatred. l’Hyper Cacher’s owners and employees are among the many standing up against these notions, having no intention of sitting down obediently.

That would be as cowardly as it would be unacceptable, especially in France, which by definition stands for liberty, equality, and fraternity.

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Image: Flickr: StS Lopatka und französischer Europaminister Cazeneuve by Das österreichische Außenministerium CC BY 2.0

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