Nemtsov Assassination Becoming Latest Kremlin Conspiracy


A man has been arrested for the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, but the ordeal is far from over as conspiracies run rampant.

On February 27th, Nemtsov, one of president Vladimir Putin’s biggest critics, was shot in the back in Moscow just outside the Kremlin. The symbolism and timing behind this was more than enough for accusations to point in the president’s direction, especially when coming from the west. Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis-or lack thereof, depending on who you ask-has led to soured relations with the EU and US, resulting in suggestions that Putin is quickly squashing all forms of dissent within his country’s borders.

Then there’s Nemstov, a staunch critic of the Kremlin who allegedly had proof that Russia was secretly sending troops to fight within Ukraine. Such a revelation would be disastrous if verified, unless of course the only evidence could be somehow…eliminated. But of course there is no proof validating any of this, reducing it all to simple speculation.

But perhaps the truth will come out now that four men have been arrested in relation to the killing, with one of them, Zaur Dadayev, a former police officer from Chechnya, confessing to the crime. The motive appears to be retribution in response to Nemstov publicly defending French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. A plausible outcome for some, but is it really what happened? Some of Nemstov’s close friends and family, including his daughter Zhanna, doubt the story’s credibility, instead insisting that Putin is the one responsible.

And to make matters worse, conflicting reports have arisen pertaining to Dadayev’s treatment while in custody. They were reportedly left without food, beaten, and electrocuted, all with the cuts and bruises to prove it. It was thus been suggested that any confession made would have been under heavy duress, and therefore should not be taken at face value. However, later reports deny any signs of torture whatsoever, saying that the prisoners are perfectly fine with no wounds to speak of.

At least one thing remains consistent: few people want to go against the Kremlin anymore.

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Image: “Boris Nemtsov 2013” by Dhārmikatva  CC BY-SA 3.0

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