Republicans Send Open Letter to Iran in Latest Stunt


There has been yet another bump on the road towards a nuclear deal with Iran. And of course, Republican senators have to be involved.

It was revealed today that an “open letter” was sent to the Iranian government by 47 Republican senators keen on forcing negotiations with the Islamic Republic to fail. The senators, led by Tom Cotton of Arkansas, warned Iran that any deal agreed upon could be revoked “with the stroke of a pen, and future Congresses could modify the terms of the agreement at any time.”

President Barack Obama was quick to criticize the move, saying “it’s somewhat ironic to see some members of Congress wanting to make common cause with the hard-liners in Iran.” As for the Iranian reaction, foreign minister Javad Zarif has labeled it-and correctly so-a “propaganda ploy.”

This is unfortunately just the latest in a series of attempts by the American right to undermine negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 nations. The Republican-run Congress is currently hoping to obtain authority over the deal, though efforts have been delayed until later this month. But more recently, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before Congress on the issue on Republican invitation.

The ultimate goal of these actions is the collapse of nuclear talks, with Cotton calling this “very much an intended consequence.” And if they do fail, armed conflict becomes much more likely.

This is beginning to sound more and more like treason.

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