Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails: Do They Even Make a Difference?


Expected 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been in the news lately for less than desirable reasons, as a potential scandal threatens to hurt her credibility.

It all centers around the private email account that she used while Secretary of State, in place of the government email that would be expected of someone in her position. The account that she did use was hosted by a server at her private residence, making the issue less severe but nonetheless problematic. Some or all of her government business was at risk of being hacked, as well as being absent from the historical record.

There are conflicting reports of whether this was against the rules, with politics being the deciding factor. A Clinton representative has said that non-government emails were permitted during her tenure “as long as appropriate records were preserved,” a stance echoed by the State Department. Meanwhile, opponents insist that the former Secretary of State broke the law amid speculating over what she must have to hide, inevitably flowing back to the Benghazi dispute.

Responding to the issue, Clinton said “I want the public to see my email,” which will presumably be made public after some time in the State Department. She has already volunteered over 55,000 pages earlier this year, in response to a government request related to an investigation over the 2012 Benghazi attack.  Unfortunately it is impossible to know what, if anything, Clinton is hiding due to the origin of the emails.

Nonetheless, she is leading in all early polls for her party’s nomination. And unless another serious contender appears between now and the primaries, Clinton will be the 2016 Democratic nominee.

That, at the very least, is no secret.

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Image: “Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chatham House Prize 2013 Winner” by Chatham House  CC BY 2.0

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